The Real Dilemma is not «Parliamentarism OR Fascism» But «Socialism OR Barbarism»



In the wake of the murder of the rapper Pavlos Fyssas at the hands of a neo-Nazi Gold Dawn thug and the arrest of the leader of that party Greek Internationalists issued the following leaflet. Its warning is clear. To be only anti-fascist today is to fall into the trap of the Greek «democratic» state which is bringing in new repressive measures not only against immigrants but against all dissenters of capitalism.


The neo-Nazi Golden Dawn squads are an informal auxiliary arm of the official repressive rule of the parliamentary state, carrying out the class war of capital against labour. This was, after all, the historical role of Nazism at its birth.

In the current context Greek neo-Nazis have become part of the neoliberal management of the deep crisis of domestic capitalism and express its anti-working class attitude at its most extreme through their so-called anti-system demagogues. They emerged from the bowels of a bourgeois society in deep crisis. They were nourished on the politics of rapid devaluation of labour power and the suppression of weaker elements of the working class, and on the racist and nationalistic propaganda that was prevalent in the politics of the conservative and social-democratic governments.

They express the rapidly increasing despair of bankrupt reactionary smallholders and the dehumanised amongst the unemployed, bringing into politics the dregs of society. Politically they formed a cannibalistic mass that acted in the service of the most offensive portions of big capital. Nazis, as always, are the genuine children of that capitalist decadence that the parliamentary regime nourishes.

The government, which like all the previous ones, was harbouring and protecting Nazi terrorism, today plays on anti-fascism in order to exploit the event for petty electoral purposes and primarily to defuse tension in a way that is the most profitable for itself and for the system. It presents the image of an anti-fascist state that intervenes as the guardian of democracy and legality which acts decisively in a civil conflict between the «two extremes».

This tactic is designed to reassert the State’s monopoly of violence in order to carry out the repressive aims of the Nazi gangs themselves. The same goes for the political declassification of the Nazis and their reduction to a purely criminal organisation; a policy which has the full support of the regimented Left. Golden Dawn’s violence is thus portrayed not as Nazi violence but simply criminal violence, as if its attacks were simply a matter of personal reckoning with the victims and not the exercise of political terrorism.

Amongst the current governmental plans is the extension of this legislation to non-armed political groups. For anyone with a modicum of political intelligence every effort to criminalise the political existence of the Nazis, under the guise of «defence of democracy» – something that is opportunistically supported by various members of the capitalist left and some stupid ultra-leftists – gives the state a free hand to suppress the real opponents of the system. It is a weapon that the state will rush to utilise against the militant proletariat and its bearers and will turn eventually against the organised Left itself, if needed.

The current game of anti-fascism, whether led by a conservative right-wing government, or by the social-democratic opposition which aspires to manage the system, works for the benefit of the system itself, in which, despite their parliamentary competition they are simply loyal political sections. That’s because what will be strengthened in the end is the state itself in the name of the protection of parliamentarism, ritually baptised as «democracy».

And because the state is not neutral but a class institution, and the current parliamentary state is nothing but the democratic dictatorship of capital, any strengthening of it contributes to the enhancement of the current brutal class war of capital against labour. It is, after all, the same parliamentary regime that nurtured the Nazis which is a component of the state itself. As always, anti-fascism, even in its most militant form, cannot but end up in the lap of bourgeois democracy.

In any case, anti-fascism – even if it takes the form of a massive militant labour movement, as happened in the interwar years – cannot by nature go beyond the limits of the defence of bourgeois democracy, even if it has revolutionary ambitions, because it limits the fight to just one manifestation of capitalism, while the real issue is the dismantling of the system itself. Within the current context, neo-Nazism is not a discordant echo of the past in a fixed and consolidated parliamentary system, but fits the same strategic direction of capital, launched and implemented by the same parliamentary bourgeois parties.

The current bourgeois strategy in conditions of deep recession is the revival of the system by smashing the working class. This strategy, which is still in progress, if only just beginning, consists in the dramatic fall in the price of labour power, the systematic suppression of the unemployed mass, the militarisation or even the elimination of the “excess” population through strengthening the rule of authoritarianism and consolidation of a permanent state of emergency. In the long term the ultimate way out is a global confrontation between the forces of multi-polar imperialism, which is presently carried out through a series of local proxy wars.

In the face of this dark prospect, the only way out of the current crisis is the overthrow of capitalism. Otherwise the system, having disposed of the threat of a proletarian uprising, will, eventually, use the classic method through which it solves its major crises: a new world war for the destruction of surplus capital and people and a new redistribution of markets so that a new cycle of capital accumulation can resume. And to achieve this it will enlist, once again, millions of workers to become «cannon fodder» for the sake of the “glory of the nation”, the “glory of the fatherland”.

The necessary fight against neo-Nazism should be a subset of the struggle against the bourgeois state and capital. Under conditions of an acute crisis of capitalism any prospect for reform or humanising the system is a vain hope that could turn out to be lethal. What we need is to develop an autonomous proletarian movement and to create an internationalist class political organization of the proletarian vanguard. The answer to capitalism’s wars is the class war of the proletariat for a self-managed society without the exploitation of one human being by another.

Internationalist Comrades

Athens 25/9/2013

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


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