Internationalist Comrades broke their political relations with the Inter-nationalist Communist Tendency (ICT)


We publish our letter of October 16, 2016 with which we announce the cessation of our political relations with the Internationalist Communist Tendency (ICT)

To the International Bureau of the ICT

With this letter, which is to a large extent in the form of a review of our political cooperation till now, we inform you our decision to stop all sorts of political relationship with you.

As you already know, we came in contact with you willing, as a small nucleus which had as starting point the tradition of Communist Left, to contribute to the extent of our forces in the creation of a revolutionary organization in Greece, a country where there is no such political tradition. We consider ourselves more as a catalyst than as an embryo of the future international revolutionary party for the overthrow of the capitalist system (hence the name Enzyme of our magazine, where our principle is not to give our readers “chewed food” but “food for thought”) and in this direction we try to discuss and collaborate with comrades throughout the world in a non-sectarian way. In this context we had taken the decision to collaborate closely with you and despite the fact that we did not belong to the ICT in an organisational way as member we had declared clearly and in practice, in many ways, our close political relationship with you.

Ανάγνωση του υπολοίπου άρθρου